Masjidbox Screens 1.9 is here

as-Salam alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh,

Our team is happy to present you the new features of our leading product: Masjidbox Screens !

Most of these new features were born out of your feedback and requests. We hope that Masjidbox Screens will continue to grow and adapt to your mosque's needs.

Unlimited languages

We have been listening to your request regarding languages. You can now choose as many languages as you like: like English and Turkish for example, or Italian and German. You can also choose to use only one language on your screens!

We are aware of the diversity and richness of the Ummah. Therefore, our team also gives you the possibility to add the language of your community to the set of available languages. Simply fill in the form in your dashboard and we will take care of it. By doing this you will also be helping other mosques looking for this same language.

Custom labels

In order to make Masjidbox more customizable and adaptable to your community, we are announcing another new feature: You can now customize all the labels displayed on your screens. For example, you can write Athan, Adhan or Azan according to the transcription used in your community.

Custom duas

You can customise the duas displayed on your screens after the Adhan and after the prayer, You can also display them in the languages of your community.

Live streaming

We have received excellent comments from you after the launch of the live streaming feature and we have continued to work on this feature. You can now live stream videos from your IP cameras installed in the mosque, without going through your social media accounts.

You can also, post important announcements while live streaming. No need to interrupt the Friday sermon, for example, to report a mis-parked car.

Lock screen during prayer

Having screens online can be distracting to worshippers during prayer. It is now possible, to choose between locking the screen with a customisable reminder or with a black screen during prayer.

Many more options

We have taken the opportunity of this update to integrate new customisation options you have asked for. You can now :

  • Display lqamah in time or delay.
  • Show all times in on of those formats: 24h (19:30), 12h (7:30) or am/pm (7:30 pm).
  • Show or hide Shuruq time.
  • Show or hide the Iqamah countdown (red banner)

What people are saying about Masjidbox

Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
Masjidbox is one of the best solutions we have ever used. We thank a lot the Masjidbox team for their solutions and for their awesome customer support.Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
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