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Launch a campaign in minutes and collect donations for your masjid. Reach more people by sharing the dedicated webpage and integrating it into your mobile app.
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You don’t have to pay any fees and we don’t take any commission. Except standard transaction fees apply to credit and debit card transactions.

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Collect donations on your dedicated campaign webpage and your mobile application.

Instant Payout

You set your own payouts frequency : instantly, every week, month etc.
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Take back control of your donation campaigns

Masjidbox Donations give you the power to be in control of your campaigns. Run campaigns on your terms, specify your own donation tiers. Masjidbox doesn’t does not hold your funds until the end of your campaign or until you hit your goal. You set your payouts frequency : instant, every week, month etc.
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Increase your reach, Accept different type of cards

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How it works ?

Create your campaign
Integrate it to your webpage & app
Share it with everyone
Start collecting donations
Receive your payouts
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What people are saying about Masjidbox

Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
Masjidbox is one of the best solutions we have ever used. We thank a lot the Masjidbox team for their solutions and for their awesome customer support.Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
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