Tailor-made Digital Signage Solution for Mosques

Use Masjidbox Screens to improve your communication with worshippers inside the mosque. Publish Prayer times, Quran, Hadiths, Announcements, Events and more in seconds.
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Engage with worshippers

Masjidbox Screens helps you improve your communication. Keep worshippers informed about all the activities you are organizing. Publish reminders, Quran verses and Hadiths. Publish Pictures and videos to show your project progress and encourage them to take part.

Customise design, make it yours

Masjidbox Screens designs have two goals : Help you to display your content in a clear and accessible way. Let you customise it to make it yours and to adapt it to your mosque and its architecture.

Control everything wherever you are

You stay in full control of your screens at any time anywhere. Updating the content, troubleshooting the device become a breeze. Pushing new features to Masjidbox requires no action on your part.
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Take your Mosque to the next level

Many mosques have screens to display their prayer times, this is a good start. We suggest that you take your communication to the next level and fill the gap between you and the worshippers.
Masjidbox Screens - Go to the next level
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Prayer’s PositionAt the Bottom
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Multiple playlists

You can setup different content for your different screens in advance. Create a first playlist for your screen of the Men’s prayer room. One for the Women’s prayer room. A special playlist for the Jumuah prayer. And another one to communicate about your project with pictures and videos…
Men’s prayer rooms
Verse of the day
Next prayer
Hadith of the day
Life of the Prophet Conference
Women’s prayer rooms
Life of Aisha Conference
Verse of the day
Next prayer
Hadith of the day
Donations campaign
Mosque extension video
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Landscape or Portrait mode

You can setup different content for your different screens in advance. Create a first playlist for your screen of the Men’s prayer room.
Masjidbox Screens - Landscape & Portrait Mode
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Multiple languages

Masjidbox Screens is translated to multiple languages. If your language is not available yet, contact us and we will add it insha’a Allah.
Masjidbox Screens - EnglishMasjidbox Screens - FrançaisMasjidbox Screens - EspañolMasjidbox Screens - ItalianoMasjidbox Screens - DeutschMasjidbox Screens - NederlandsMasjidbox Screens - TürkçeMasjidbox Screens - SvenskaMasjidbox Screens - MalayMasjidbox Screens - BosanskiMasjidbox Screens - ‏العربية‏
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Full-featured digital signage

Masjidbox Screens has everything you need to turn tv screens into digital signage. You and worshippers will enjoy inside the mosque.

Athan & Iqamah times

Choose a calculation method or upload your own timetable to setup Athan and Iqamah times.

Custom branding

Upload your logo and add it to every single slide. Make the screens yours.

Optimized content

Masjidbox Screens automatically optimises your content for each of your screens size.

WiFi & Ethernet

Masjidbox Players connect to the internet via Ethernet cable or WiFi.


You don’t have internet in the mosque ? Don’t worry, Masjidbox Screens works offline.

Zero Downtime

Masjidbox Screens will keep playing even if your internet connection stops working.


You can have more than one manager for your mosque account.

Automatic updates

Masjidbox Screens gets automatic updates in a regular basis.

Customer support

You can always count on the help of our support team. You can reach us through the live chat, email or Whatsapp.
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Masjidbox Player

Turn any modern TV screen into a digital signage with the Masjidbox Player - a small media player device. Just log into your masjidbox account and connect your player, and you’ll be ready to go.
Masjidbox Player
Masjidbox Player - MemoryMasjidbox Player - StorageMasjidbox Player - HDMasjidbox Player - EthernetMasjidbox Player - WifiMasjidbox Player - Buetooth
Pick the player option that best suits you
Buy it
  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • No IT knowledge needed
  • One year warranty
Buy the Masjidbox player
Build it
  • Based on Raspberry Pi
  • Basic IT knowledge needed
Build a generic player
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What people are saying about Masjidbox

Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
Masjidbox is one of the best solutions we have ever used. We thank a lot the Masjidbox team for their solutions and for their awesome customer support.Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Qatar
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